Raw Transaction Signing Due Diligence

The following checks and balances should be checked prior to signing the raw transaction.

1. Check the Settlement Summary to determine the net seller of the Digital Asset and the amount. 

2. Check for the matching raw transaction based on the Institution.

3. Compare the amounts not including miner fees. There are 2 scenarios.

a) The raw transaction matches exactly the settlement summary not including fees.
    i) Proceed to Sign Transaction
b) The raw transaction does not match the settlement summary not including fees
    i) Double Click the raw transaction to see the details
    ii) You should see only 1 settlement transaction and 1 or more withdrawals. The total of these transactions will match the raw transaction amount not including fees.
      (1) Proceed to Sign Transaction
If there is more than 1 settlement or the total transactions does not match, then an investigation must be launched and Blockstation should be immediately notified.