Net 0 Settlement Reconciliation Report

Purpose: to ensure that the net of all transactions grouped by currency sums up to zero at the end of the trading period.

Section 1: Summary By Currency: 

This will show the net position of each participant of the trading cycle. The sum of all the net positions for any currency should be net 0 as shown in Figure-1

Figure 1

Positive amounts mean the institution will receive the asset from the depository at settlement

Negative amounts mean the institution must deliver the asset to the depository for settlement

Section 2: Fees to Exchange, Depository & Blockstation

Fees are broken down by currency for each of the market providers as shown in figure 2. These amounts  should perfectly match with the Summary by Currency above.


Section 3: Settlement Details By Broker

The Settlement Reconciliation Report is further broken down by Broker. At the top there is a summary of fees charged by the market providers on the left, and  a Commission Summary earned by the broker from their clients on the right as shown in Figure 3.

Below the summary for the Broker is the detailed transactions grouped by currency shown in Figure 4. You will notice the totals of each group in the transaction details will match the corresponding Amount and Fee Column of the Summary for the Broker shown in Figure 3.

The following is an explanation of each column in the Transaction Details. Please note each row in the transaction table belongs to an Asset Grouping (BTC, USD etc)

Order Date
Date the order was placed

The Market pair the trade was made against

Counter Party
The Broker # on the other side of the transaction

Order ID
The internally generated unique ID

Order Qty
The qty ordered

“S” if it was a Sell order and “B” if it was a buy order

Fill Price
The price of the fill. There can be multiple fills per order

Fill Qty
The qty filled. There can be multiple fills per order 

The amount of fees charged by the Exchange, Depository & Blockstation

( Fill Qty x Fill Price) - (Exchange, Depository & Blockstation Fee)