Compliance Info

To comply with regulation, we are required to obtain this information. This also helps to ensure a fair market place by reducing the risk of manipulating the order book from insiders. Complete all compliance information required including:

  • Tax Jurisdiction
  • Tax ID (SIN, TN, SSN etc)
  • Are you a U.S person?
  • Are you an accredited investor?
  • What type of trader are you?
  • What is your investment risk appetite?
  • How would you like us to manage investment activity on your account?
  • Are you a foreign or domestic politically exposed person (PEP) or the head of an international organization (HIO), or are you a family member or close associate of a PEP or HIO?
  • Do you own 10% of more of a public company, or do you work for a public company with where you have access to insider information?