Broker - Approve Fiat Deposit

Only authorized Authorized users can access this function

1. In the Main Navigation menu go to Funding >> Approve Investor Transactions

2. In the search filter ensure "Pending Approval" is selected in the drop down box.
3. In the search filter, leave the From Date & To Date blank to retrieve all records.
4. Click the refresh search icon to load the results.

5. Filter all the deposits by typing ‘deposits’ in the search field.

6. Filter all the Withdrawals by typing ‘withdrawals’ in the search field. 

7. Hover over deposit or withdrawal record to view the icons located to the right

8. Select the record you want to work with. If the selected transaction can be matched to the incoming transaction in the brokers bank account, click the Approve checkmark icon.

9. A confirmation message will pop up and require you to confirm the information and sign off on the deposit. Enter your password to confirm and approve the deposit.

The funds are now credited to the investors portfolio.

10. Click on the reject icon to Reject Deposit/Withdrawal